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Posted 2 years ago

Asano Tadanobu & Naka Riisa spotted dating and sharing a kiss?

This week’s major scoop of the infamous weekly pictorial magazine ‘FRIDAY‘ eventually made it into the newspapers again, unlike last week’s controversial story. This week they are claiming that actor Asano Tadanobu (38) and actress Naka Riisa (22) have been spotted dating quite openly in Osaka.


The tabloid backed up their story with pictures of the two embracing each other tightly in a taxi and enjoying a date in broad daylight. They even witnessed them kissing in public while waiting for the traffic light to become green, which seems to make it a sure case that they are more than just friends. Asano and Naka are 16 years apart, but that doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for the two.

According to ‘FRIDAY’, the two of them went on a date at Osaka Minami, one of Japan’s largest shopping districts, around the end of January. They went shopping with joined hands and relaxed at a coffee lounge. Aside from hugging each other on the street and in a taxi, it was even witnessed how they kissed each other while waiting at a traffic light. ‘FRIDAY’ also picked out two pictures from Naka’s twitter that must have been taken during her Osaka date with Asano.

The mentioned pictures tweeted by Naka Riisa:


Asano is currently filming “Ougon wo Daite Tobe” in Osaka and Naka seems to have come to visit him all the way from Tokyo, where she’s currently busy filming for the Fuji TV drama ‘Lucky Seven‘.

Apparently they must have felt more at ease in Osaka, since they openly dated like that on the street in broad daylight just past noon without caring too much about the people around them. Both actors haven’t yet had the chance to work together, therefore it’s hard to speculate when they first met, but according to ‘FRIDAY’ they have been dating since the end of 2011.

Something the two have in common is the fact that they have at least one non-Japanese as a grandparent. Asano’s grandfather on his mother’s side is American, while Naka’s grandfather on her father’s side is Swedish.

Regarding their past relationships, Asano was married to singer Chara from 1995 until 2009. After that he was reported to be in a relationship with model Diana Chiaki, but in January it was reported that he was seeing a young actress instead. This young actress turned out to be Naka, who was rumored to be together with model/actor CHIKARA, but that doesn’t seem to be true anymore either.

The agencies of both actors already commented on the matter. Asano’s agency doesn’t meddle with his private life, therefore they can’t really say anything, which is basically exactly the same thing that was said by Naka’s agency.


What do you think about this possible couple?

Posted 2 years ago

Matsushima Nanako, Naka Riisa & more join Fuji TV’s ‘Lucky Seven’

t has just been announced that actress Matsushima Nanako is going to appear in Fuji TV’s upcoming Monday drama (‘getsu9′), ‘Lucky Seven‘. This will be her first role in a Monday drama since ‘Yamato Nadeshiko‘ in 2000.

Matsushima, who is currently starring in the much-talked about drama “Kaseifu no Mita“, is going to disguise herself as the female boss of a small team of investigators, three men and four women. As recently revealed with the announcement of the drama, the male cast is going to be made up of Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun as the protagonist, as well as the two actors Eita and Oizumi Yo. Additional to Matsushima, it also was announced that Naka RiisaFukiishi KazueOkae KumikoKadono Takuzo, and Iriki Mari have been added to the cast.

She commented, “This time I’m supposed to play the female boss of a detective agency. Moreover I’m going to work with a great cast that’s brimming with individuality. I really can’t wait for the filming to begin.

The small team of investigators is operating out of a high class multistory apartment in Kitashinagawa, Tokyo. Due to the teams wide variety of individuals, there are bound to be many conflicts between the members, but that only helps them to deepen their teamwork in order to overcame even the biggest difficulties. The female boss, ‘Fujisaki Toko’, plays a big part in keeping the team running smoothly. At first glimpse, she just looks like a really gorgeous woman, but underneath her appearance she’s impressing with great wisdom, decisiveness, courage, and a very strong mind. For the team she’s still a big mystery, but from case to case they gradually start to find out why she created this detective agency in the first place.

Naka Riisa is going to play a female member of the detective agency, ‘Mizuno Asuka’. She’s a very calm and composed woman who only plays an observer when her male colleagues once again cannot stop arguing back and forth. However, when it actually comes to doing their job, she plays a very important and active part within the team, and is not afraid of doing things that not even her male colleagues would have the guts for.

She commented, “This is going to be unlike any other Monday drama before. It’s cool and all, so that even men are going to be interested in it. Please look forward to it. I think I even saw some action scenes for my character, so you should certainly not miss those.

Fukiishi Kazue is going to play an assistant inspector with ties to the detective agency, while Okae Kumiko will play the mother of the protagonist.

Fuji TV aims to completely overhaul the image of its Monday time slot, which is usually known for its grand love stories that are targeted towards the main TV audience, women between the age of 20 and 34. ‘Lucky Seven’, however, is said to become one entertaining and gripping piece of action drama that is going to entertain children and adults alike, both men and women. With the addition of Matsushima, they sure must have sparked the curiosity of a great amount of people that might have not watched this drama next season.

Lucky Seven’ is going to premier on January 16th, 2012.


whoa like all star cast, getting my expectations high on this one …

Posted 3 years ago

Naka Riisa stars as pregnant woman in Ishii Yuya’s “Hara ga Kore Nande”

Naka Riisa (21) is set to star in a new movie by award-winning director Ishii Yuya (“Kawa no Soko Kara Konnichiwa”). Titled “Hara ga Kore Nande,” the film will have Naka playing a pregnant woman for the first time.

Naka plays Mitsuko, a warm-hearted 24-year-old whose deep sense of duty and empathy are uncommon in modern society. Despite being unmarried and pregnant, without even knowing who the child’s father is, she always prioritizes helping others over her own matters.

Actor Nakamura Aoi (20) plays Yoichi, Mitsuko’s childhood friend. Ishibashi Ryo (54) has also been cast.

“Hara ga Kore Nande” is scheduled to open nationwide this fall.