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Posted 2 years ago

Sasaki Nozomi, Nagasawa Masami, Takei Emi,& Ishikawa Ryo in new Lotte CM

Actresses Sasaki NozomiNagasawa MasamiTakei Emi, and professional golfer Ishikawa Ryo will be starring in Lotte’s Mother’s Day campaign CM “Mother’s Day 2012“.


The CM is a part of Lotte’s annual “Mother’s Day Ghana” campaign that has been airing every year since 2003. With 8,000 red carnations in the background, Sasaki, Nagasawa, Takei, and Ishikawa will each express their feelings of gratitude toward their mothers with ‘Ghana Milk Chocolate’. The background music is ‘Taisetsu na Hito‘, provided by rock band Rake.


Ishikawa reflected on the CM shoot saying, “I challenged myself at the shoot imagining that my mom was really on the other side of the camera.” In the CM, he delivers a message to his mom saying, “Usually, I’m not able to say things honestly… so this year is this.

Meanwhile, Takei says, “The times I laughed together with my mom. The times we cried together. They’re all my treasures. This…


During an interview after the CM shoot, Takei recalled memories of her mom, sharing, “I’m from Nagoya, so when I came to Tokyo from Nagoya, I came with my mom and left my dad behind. At that time, my mom and younger sister came with me just for my work. It made me remember the time I cried with my mom in the shadows, saying ‘let’s do our best together’.


Sasaki seemed embarrassed to express her feelings on camera and sent out a message in Akita dialect. Nagasawa expressed, “When I become a mother, I’m going to boast to my children. About mom.

Lotte’s new Mother’s Day CMs will air nationwide starting April 22nd, but you can check them out on Lotte’s official website!


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Oricon ranks the most anticipated spring dramas

On April 6th, Oricon revealed the results of their survey and unveiled the most anticipated drama of the upcoming season.

It has become a regular custom for Oricon to ask 1,000 men and women before the start of every new season about their most anticipated upcoming drama. The end results aren’t that surprising considering the steady popularity of idol group Arashi. Two of their members are starring in a spring drama and both of them made it onto the top of the ranking.

Reaching first place by a large margin was ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya‘ (Fuji TV), starring Ohno Satoshias a peculiar otaku obsessed with locks and keys who helps solving crimes that happened behind closed doors. Both men and women voted it as their most anticipated drama of the spring season. One woman commented that she’s anticipating the drama since she read the original, while one man is looking forward to a drama that breaks away from the typical formula of Fuji TV’s Monday dramas.

Second place went to ‘Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri‘ (NTV), starring Aiba Masaki in the drama adaptation of Akagawa Jiro’s very popular mystery novel. For women it comes right after ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’, while men seem to be a bit more skeptical about the drama resolving around a useless detective and his ingenious partner, a speaking cat with three colors of fur (‘calico’ or ‘mi-ke’ cat). A woman in her thirties said that she’s looking forward for the drama to make her laugh while enjoying solving the mysteries together with the protagonist. Of course fans of the original novel are also anticipating the drama adaptation.

Kanjani8’s Nishikido Ryo ranked third with his upcoming drama ‘Papadol!‘ (TBS), in which he is going to play himself. It’s going to be an enjoyable home comedy about a popular idol who marries a single mother (Yuuka) and struggles to balance both of his lives. At the same time they are planning to show the other side of the idol business. Naturally, all the members of Kanjani8 are going to make an appearance in the drama. A teenage girl commented that she’s intrigued by the drama’s premise of mixing reality with fiction.

Which fall drama do you anticipate the most? (men+women)

01 – “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” (Fuji TV) — Ohno Satoshi, Toda Erika
02 – “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri” (NTV) — Aiba Masaki, Fujiki Naohito
03 – “Papadol!” (TBS) — Nishikido Ryo, Yuuka, Kawashima Umika
04 – “37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku” (Fuji TV) — Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Mizukawa Asami, Tanabe Seiichi
05 – “Legal High” (Fuji TV) — Sakai Masato, Aragaki Yui
06 – “ATARU” (TBS) — Nakai Masahiro, Kitamura Kazuki, Kuriyama Chiaki
07 – “Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose” (TBS) — Takenouchi Yutaka, Wakui Emi
08 – “Toshi Densetsu no Onna” (TV Asahi) — Nagasawa Masami, Mizobata Junpei, Takenaka Naoto
09 – “Soup Curry” (TBS) — Morisaki Hiroyuki, Yasuda Ken, Oizumi Yo, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Otô Takuma
10 – “Kaeru no Oujo-sama” (Fuji TV) — Amami Yuki, Ishida Yuriko

Which fall drama do you anticipate the most? (just men)

01 – “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”
02 – “Legal High”
03 – “37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku”
04 – “Toshi Densetsu no Onna”
05 – “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri”
06 – “Mirai Nikki-ANOTHER:WORLD-”
07 – “Kaeru no Oujo-sama”
08 – “Soup Curry”
09 – “Hancho 5″
10 – “Papadol!”

Which fall drama do you anticipate the most? (just women)

01 – “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”
02 – “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri”
03 – “Papadol!”
04 – “ATARU”
05 – “Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose”
06 – “37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku”
07 – “Legal High”
08 – “Soup Curry”
09 – “Kaeru no Oujo-sama”
10 – “Toshi Densetsu no Onna


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Actress Nagasawa Masami recently went through three radical transformations for a special collaboration between WWD Japan’s ‘Beauty Style‘ and ‘Maybelline New York‘.

It was Maybelline’s famed make-up director MIZU and well-known photographer Leslie Kee who put the actress in a completely different light.

In “LOVE SHINE” Nagasawa displays a rather unfamiliar sexy and dirty image with a gorgeous wet look. For “FAIRY GLAMOR” they went for a style similar to Marilyn Monroe where the focus lies on a glamorous eye make-up and the hot pink lips. The third style is called “EXTREME MODE” where they used bold colors to spice up her perfect skin.

It’s the first time I tried out such bold make-up,” Nagasawa commented. “My favorite is the ‘FAIRY GLAMOR’ look. I’m personally using the products of Maybelline New York every day, especially the incredible electric mascara ‘Pulse Perfect Waterproof’! It’s one of the items I can’t live without anymore.

Leslie Kee said about Nagasawa, “She displayed an amazing expressive power. She can try out any style and make it look like her own. Such a wonderful actress.

MIZU commented about the make-up, “Handling all of the different make-ups myself this time was a really challenge. However, Nagasawa showed keen interest in the make-up as well, therefore everything turned out really well.

More details about the three spring/summer make-up trends and guides to achieve the same results can be found in WWD Beauty Vol. 205. It’s also being distributed at the stores of Maybelline New York.


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Nagasawa Masami and Takei Emi star in Lotte’s Valentine’s Day CM

Actresses Nagasawa Masami (24) and Takei Emi (18) have been chosen to once again star in Lotte’s Valentine’s Day commercial for “Ghana Milk Chocolate“!


The 2012 edition of the CM will see Nagasawa and Takei helping Watanabe Konomi (5) make her very own chocolate hearts. (In Japan, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for a girl to express her feelings for a boy by giving him chocolates.)


After the shoot, Takei reflected on a past Valentine’s Day experience. “I called him to give him the chocolate I made, but I didn’t get a reply… so I ate it myself,” she said.

Hearing this, Nagasawa tutted, “I want to see the kind of person who didn’t accept your chocolates.

Check out screenshots of the CM below! You can also watch the making-of segments as well as the actual CM here.


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Which celebrity would you want as your lover?

For many, winter is a special time of year where loved ones come together for holidays like Christmas and the first shrine visit of the new year. Lovers especially grow closer than ever during the holiday season.

Keeping this in mind, Oricon Style asked its readers for the 5th consecutive year on which famous celebrities of the opposite sex they would like to have as their lover. Though the survey was conducted back in October, Oricon published the results in December, just in time for the holidays


For the males, actor Mukai Osamu came out on top with his “manly” image and debonair demeanor (as seen on variety shows). Mukai jumped from 5th place in 2010 to 1st place in 2011, proving his rising popularity in the entertainment world.

When asked why they chose Mukai Osamu, female voters said they were charmed by the deadly combination of his height (182 centimeters) and his good looks. “His face and smile and voice are all nice! I would be so proud if we could walk together,” said one voter in her 20s, echoing the sentiments of her fellow voters.

Others were reminded of his “reliable boy” image in the NHK taiga drama “Kou ~Himetachi no Sengoku” and the movie “Paradise Kiss“, or were charmed by his cooking skills. “He looks as if he could protect me,” said one woman in her 30s. Another voter in her 20s added, “I want him to make me delicious meals!”

-Which Male Celebrity Would You Like as Your Lover? 

01. Mukai Osamu
02. Fukuyama Masaharu
03. Sakurai Sho
04. Aiba Masaki
05. Ohno Satoshi
06. Kimura Takuya
07. Matsumoto Jun
08. Okada Masaki
09. Matsuzaka Toori
10. Mizushima Hiro


Meanwhile, Ayasa Haruka claimed 1st place in the female ranking for the 2nd year in a row with her natural character and gentle air, which proved to be quite popular with male readers.

“She’s so cute! Her smiles are extremely nice,” commented one voter from Tokyo. Ayase was in the top three for the teen, 20s, 30s, and 40s categories, thereby proving her popularity. Many voters also cited her bubbly personality and calming aura. “She has a funny side too, and I feel like if we were together she would calm me down.”

Which Female Celebrity Would You Like as Your Lover? >

01. Ayase Haruka
02. Aragaki Yui
03. Kitagawa Keiko
04. Miyazaki Aoi
05. Ueto Aya
06. Horikita Maki
07. Sasaki Nozomi
08. Nagasawa Masami
09. Kashiwagi Yuki
10. YUI


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Nagasawa Masami to play double role in “Bunshin” drama series

The cast of the WOWOW mini-series “Bunshin” has finally been revealed. Actress Nagasawa Masami (24) will star, playing two very different characters.


“Bunshin” was originally a suspense novel by bestselling author Higashino Keigo. The drama, which was first announced last month, tells the story of two identical-looking women who seek to uncover their mysterious past. Nagasawa will play both characters. One is a young woman from Hokkaido studying child welfare, while the other is a college student in Tokyo who is part of a band.

Katsuji RyoUsuda AsamiSuzuki SawaTezuka SatomiIbu Masato, andSano Shiro have also been cast. Nagata Koto (“Little DJ: Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”) is directing.

The series will run for 5 episodes in a Sunday 10:00pm time slot on WOWOW, starting on February 12.


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Poll: Celebrities with good looks

Nikkei Entertainment recently surveyed 3000 registered architects (within the age range of 10 (whut? lol) - 59 years old) about ‘celebrities with good looks’. Here are the results:

1) Kimura Takuya

2) Fukuyama Masaharu

3) Ito Misaki

4) Darvish Yuu

5) Fujiwara Norika

6) Okada Junichi

7) Mokomichi Hayami

8) Oguri Shun

9) Ebihara Yuri

10) Koyuki

11 ) Yonekura Ryoko 

12) Tamaki Hiroshi 

13) Matsushima Nanako 

14) Yamashita Tomohisa 

15) Arisa Mizuki 

15) Aragaki Yui

17) Gackt 

18) Sawajiri Erika 

19) Chibana Kurara

19) Leah Dizon 

21) Takizawa Hideaki 

22) Odagiri Joe

23) Ikuta Toma 

24) Takenouchi Yutaka

25) Moe Oshikiri 

25) Akanishi Jin

27) Shibasaki Kou 

27) Takeuchi Yuko

27) Nagasawa Masami 

30) Koike Teppei

Most of the female celebrities on the list are well-proportioned, model-like and more than 170cm tall, whilst the male celebrities are evaluated on personal style and facial features. Among the architects aged around 50, Takuya Kimura was highly rated. Masaharu Fukuyama was overwhelmingly rated among the 40s, as well as having high popularity among women.