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Johnny’s group date!


On March 9th, Kanjani8’s Nishikido Ryo was seen at a bar in Tokyo attending a group date with KAT-TUN’s Tanaki Koki with pretty 20-something girls. On the 27th of the same month, he was seen at the same bar, in the same set of seats, hosting another group date attended by Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun. 

Koki was wearing casual clothes, and Nishikido was wearing a hat. Both of them didn’t try to disguise themselves and went upstairs to the second floor. Soon after, 4 girls followed them upstairs.”

The two Johnny’s appeared late at night on Friday, March 9th. Bar “B” is a hidden store that famous people often frequent. The bar closes at 2, and it doesn’t get a lot of traffic so people use it as a place to host secret group dates.

There was also another male present, so there were 3 males vs. 4 females at the group date. They ordered many different dishes, from pizza to meat dishes. They were afraid of being found out and so they were pretty quiet at first. The party got rowdier as they drank alcohol, and they were seen having a good time. 

A girl asked, “Is there someone in Johnny’s who is bad with women?” To which Nishikido replied with, “Nope. None at all.” They didn’t play any of the regular group date games that comedians talk about on TV. They were merely drinking and talking.

When the store closed, the 7 of them exited and didn’t go on to a second round. Instead, they all took taxis and went their separate ways.

An entertainment insider said, “They can’t really go out drinking as freely anymore because it’ll end up on Twitter. And Johnny’s love going on group dates.”

A tv insider said, “Matchy has confessed to going on group dates at one of his dinner dates. He even said that there weren’t enough people so he called up Higashiyama Noriyuki, TOKIO’s Matsuoka, and KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi.”

A female university student confessed that her friend has gone on group dates with members of Kis-my-ft2 and ABC-Z. 

In the same month on the 27th, another Johnny’s group date was held at the same bar by Nishikido. This time, Koki was not present. 

Nishikido was with another guy and there were 3 girls with them. They had all curled hair and looked like models. Everybody was in a good mood so they were pretty loud when they toasted. They called Nishikido, Ryo-kun. And he said that they’re going to drink a lot that night.” Said a male customer at the bar.

After the five of them had some beer in them, they ordered tequila shots.

Nishikido had about 5-6 shots and started complaining that he couldn’t take it anymore. He got up to go to the bathroom but the was already stumbling by that point. The girls then decided to take care of him and guided him to the bathroom.”

According to a female customer of the bar who was also there that night. “This time, it seemed the party was even more rowdy than last time. Around 1AM, Matsumoto Jun came. He apologized for being late and saw that they were already pretty drunk at that point. He asked, ‘You guys are already this wasted?’”

A TV insider said that Matsumoto and Nishikido are great friends and Matsumoto won’t even get mad when Nishikido picks on him. And Nishikido feels that Matsumoto is a big-brother figure he can count on.

Nishikido was in a great mood that night and he talked about owning a small boat. His friend then suggested that they take out the boat next time to host a drinking party. The girls were in awe that they could do such a thing.

It seemed that Matsumoto, who joined mid-party, was not very talkative that night. “I don’t think Matsumoto spoke much, and the girls complained that he was in a dark mood. They called him MatsuJun on their first meeting and it seemed like Matsumoto was a little turned off by being called that on their first meeting. Nishikido then asked one of the girls if she had plans after the party.”

It got to the point where the store was about to close and the other guy also asked another girl if she had plans afterwards. Everyone then left in taxis. It seemed like Jun was the only one who went home alone that night. 

Matsumoto Jun foreveralone


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Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?

Fashion & beauty magazine ‘an an‘ is famously known for featuring various celebrities in their nude figures and causing a wave of awe through their pictorials.

With that in mind, goo ranking decided to ask its users, “Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?


1. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

2. Mukai Osamu

3. Darvish Yu

4. Motoki Masashiro

5. Esumi Akiko

6. Kanda Uno

7. Yonekura Ryuko

8. Yuki Maomi

9. Kuroki Meisa

10. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)


Who did you think had the most shocking pictorial on this magazine?

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Co-star asks Matsujun the girlfriend question

One of Jun Matsumoto’s detective drama co-stars tried to uncover some hidden information about the Arashi star at a press conference in Tokyo on January 12, reports Chunichi Sportsand The TV.


Matsumoto plays a rookie detective in his upcoming drama series Lucky Seven.  Along with six other detectives at his company, the detectives fight with one another, but eventually manage to work together to solve the case.

“I think we’ve made a really good show.  I think it brings something different to the usual Monday night dramas and I hope everyone looks forward to it,” Matsumoto said.

During the press conference, the cast were asked what they would like to investigate if they were real detectives, and actor Yo Oizumi said he would like to look into Matsumoto’s dating life.

“It has to be Matsujun.  You never hear that stuff about him…so do you have a girlfriend?”

The question caught Matsumoto off guard.

You want me to say something about it right now!?,” Matsumoto said.


But Oizumi kept the conversation on the same topic.

“You’re old enough, and I was curious.  I assume you’d have loved someone by now,” Oizumi said.

“I’ll tell you later,” Matsumoto said.

During the event, Matsumoto shared some stories about what it was like on set.

“There’s a scene in our detective office where we all talk together, but we each had our ‘this-might-make-it-more-interesting’ ideas so the scene ended up becoming something bigger than what was written in the script.  I’m having a lot of fun going to work because there’s always something new.

“Another scene I remember was an action sequence I did [for episode 1] with Eita.  We had to get it perfect or one of us could’ve got injured, but we managed it alright.  Right?”

Eita answered by giving his side of the story.


“In the action scene, I had to hit Matsujun for real, but it was amazing because Matsujun kept telling me to hit him harder.  By the time it came to filming the scene, I felt so guilty while I was hitting him.  We’re good friends in real life though,” Eita said.

Lucky Seven begins in Japan on January 16.  To go to the drama’s website, click here.


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Which celebrity would you want as your lover?

For many, winter is a special time of year where loved ones come together for holidays like Christmas and the first shrine visit of the new year. Lovers especially grow closer than ever during the holiday season.

Keeping this in mind, Oricon Style asked its readers for the 5th consecutive year on which famous celebrities of the opposite sex they would like to have as their lover. Though the survey was conducted back in October, Oricon published the results in December, just in time for the holidays


For the males, actor Mukai Osamu came out on top with his “manly” image and debonair demeanor (as seen on variety shows). Mukai jumped from 5th place in 2010 to 1st place in 2011, proving his rising popularity in the entertainment world.

When asked why they chose Mukai Osamu, female voters said they were charmed by the deadly combination of his height (182 centimeters) and his good looks. “His face and smile and voice are all nice! I would be so proud if we could walk together,” said one voter in her 20s, echoing the sentiments of her fellow voters.

Others were reminded of his “reliable boy” image in the NHK taiga drama “Kou ~Himetachi no Sengoku” and the movie “Paradise Kiss“, or were charmed by his cooking skills. “He looks as if he could protect me,” said one woman in her 30s. Another voter in her 20s added, “I want him to make me delicious meals!”

-Which Male Celebrity Would You Like as Your Lover? 

01. Mukai Osamu
02. Fukuyama Masaharu
03. Sakurai Sho
04. Aiba Masaki
05. Ohno Satoshi
06. Kimura Takuya
07. Matsumoto Jun
08. Okada Masaki
09. Matsuzaka Toori
10. Mizushima Hiro


Meanwhile, Ayasa Haruka claimed 1st place in the female ranking for the 2nd year in a row with her natural character and gentle air, which proved to be quite popular with male readers.

“She’s so cute! Her smiles are extremely nice,” commented one voter from Tokyo. Ayase was in the top three for the teen, 20s, 30s, and 40s categories, thereby proving her popularity. Many voters also cited her bubbly personality and calming aura. “She has a funny side too, and I feel like if we were together she would calm me down.”

Which Female Celebrity Would You Like as Your Lover? >

01. Ayase Haruka
02. Aragaki Yui
03. Kitagawa Keiko
04. Miyazaki Aoi
05. Ueto Aya
06. Horikita Maki
07. Sasaki Nozomi
08. Nagasawa Masami
09. Kashiwagi Yuki
10. YUI


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Matsushima Nanako, Naka Riisa & more join Fuji TV’s ‘Lucky Seven’

t has just been announced that actress Matsushima Nanako is going to appear in Fuji TV’s upcoming Monday drama (‘getsu9′), ‘Lucky Seven‘. This will be her first role in a Monday drama since ‘Yamato Nadeshiko‘ in 2000.

Matsushima, who is currently starring in the much-talked about drama “Kaseifu no Mita“, is going to disguise herself as the female boss of a small team of investigators, three men and four women. As recently revealed with the announcement of the drama, the male cast is going to be made up of Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun as the protagonist, as well as the two actors Eita and Oizumi Yo. Additional to Matsushima, it also was announced that Naka RiisaFukiishi KazueOkae KumikoKadono Takuzo, and Iriki Mari have been added to the cast.

She commented, “This time I’m supposed to play the female boss of a detective agency. Moreover I’m going to work with a great cast that’s brimming with individuality. I really can’t wait for the filming to begin.

The small team of investigators is operating out of a high class multistory apartment in Kitashinagawa, Tokyo. Due to the teams wide variety of individuals, there are bound to be many conflicts between the members, but that only helps them to deepen their teamwork in order to overcame even the biggest difficulties. The female boss, ‘Fujisaki Toko’, plays a big part in keeping the team running smoothly. At first glimpse, she just looks like a really gorgeous woman, but underneath her appearance she’s impressing with great wisdom, decisiveness, courage, and a very strong mind. For the team she’s still a big mystery, but from case to case they gradually start to find out why she created this detective agency in the first place.

Naka Riisa is going to play a female member of the detective agency, ‘Mizuno Asuka’. She’s a very calm and composed woman who only plays an observer when her male colleagues once again cannot stop arguing back and forth. However, when it actually comes to doing their job, she plays a very important and active part within the team, and is not afraid of doing things that not even her male colleagues would have the guts for.

She commented, “This is going to be unlike any other Monday drama before. It’s cool and all, so that even men are going to be interested in it. Please look forward to it. I think I even saw some action scenes for my character, so you should certainly not miss those.

Fukiishi Kazue is going to play an assistant inspector with ties to the detective agency, while Okae Kumiko will play the mother of the protagonist.

Fuji TV aims to completely overhaul the image of its Monday time slot, which is usually known for its grand love stories that are targeted towards the main TV audience, women between the age of 20 and 34. ‘Lucky Seven’, however, is said to become one entertaining and gripping piece of action drama that is going to entertain children and adults alike, both men and women. With the addition of Matsushima, they sure must have sparked the curiosity of a great amount of people that might have not watched this drama next season.

Lucky Seven’ is going to premier on January 16th, 2012.


whoa like all star cast, getting my expectations high on this one …

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Oricon reveals the CM King & Queen of 2011

N-Monitor and Oricon once again elected the CM King & Queen for 2011, based on the number of CM contracts that were signed this year.

Midway through the year, pro-golfer Ishikawa Ryo and actress Ueto Aya were leading in their respective rankings.

The former was able to defend his title with seventeen contracts (three more than in July). He was able to defend his crown as last year he was also the CM King. His fresh looks and very polite manners made him a mainstay in the Japanese world of CMs. This year he also put a lot of his energy into supporting the victims of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, increasing his popularity even further.

It’s also no big surprise that all members of popular idol group Arashi made it into the top five of the ranking. The only person that broke the chain was actor Mukai Osamu on the third place with twelve contracts.

As for the ranking of the CM Queen, in July it already was evident that some particular members of idol group AKB48 were becoming an imminent threat for Ueto and her title. Now, after two consecutive wins and five yearly titles as CM Queen in total, Ueto eventually had to give in to the idol power and dropped down to the fifth place with fourteen contracts, which is ‘only’ one more than six months ago.

Instead, this year’s title of the CM Queen went to AKB48 member Oshima Yuko, who improved her mid-season result by eight more contracts and scored a total of nineteen CM deals this year. AKB48 also claimed the second and third place with Shinoda MarikoMaeda Atsuko, and Itano Tomomi.

Another member of the said group, Takahashi Minami, followed on the fourth place, but she has to share it with child actress Ashida Mana. The latter has to watch out for fellow child actress,Kobayashi Seiran, who just barely missed to make it onto this particular ranking with eight CM contracts.

Note: N-Monitor counted all commercials that aired on NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, and TV Tokyo from January 1st, 2011 until November 30th, 2011. These do not include the appearances in and promotions for their own CDs, DVDs, chaku uta, movies, music videos and so on.

Top Ranking Male Celebrities With The Most Commercials 2011

01 – Ishikawa Ryo (17)
02 – Sakurai Sho (13)
03 – Matsumoto Jun (12)
03 – Mukai Osamu (12)
04 – Ninomiya Kazunari (11)
05 – Aiba Masaki (10)
05 – Ohno Satoshi (10)
06 – Kimura Takuya (9)
06 – Sato Takeru (9)
06 – Matsuko Deluxe (9)
07 – Ichiro (8)
07 – Katori Shingo (8)
07 – Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (8)
07 – Nagase Tomoya (8)
07 – Nagatomo Yuto (8)
07 – Tamaki Hiroshi (8)
07 – Miura Haruma (8)
08 – Inagaki Goro (7)
08 – Okada Masaki (7)
08 – Kato Seishiro (7)
08 – Kokubun Taichi (7)
08 – Joshima Shigeru (7)
08 – Suzuki Fuku (7)
08 – TAKAHIRO (7)
08 – Yamaguchi Tatsuya (7)

Top Ranking Female Celebrities With The Most Commercials 2011

01 – Oshima Yuko (19)
02 – Shinoda Mariko (17)
02 – Maeda Atsuko (17)
03 – Itano Tomomi (16)
04 – Ashida Mana (15)
04 – Takahashi Minami (15)
05 – Ueto Aya (14)
05 – Kojima Haruna (14)
05 – Becky (14)
06 – Kashiwagi Yuki (12)
06 – Watanabe Mayu (12)
07 – Sashihara Rino (11)
08 – Aibu Saki (10)
08 – Sasaki Nozomi (10)
09 – Amami Yuki (9)
09 – Kichise Michiko (9)
09 – Miyazawa Sae (9)
09 – Takei Emi (9)
09 – Minegishi Minami (9)
09 – Yokoyama Yui (9)


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Johnny’s with wonderful voice acting abilities

Goo’s ranking recently held a poll inspired by V6’s Okada Junichi’s upcoming role in Ghibli’s new film, Kokurikozaka kara, where they asked users to vote for Johnny’s they believe have wonderful voice acting abilities.


18. 368 votes - Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
17. 460 votes - Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa)
16. 614 votes - Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
15. 668 votes - Sakamoto Masayuki (V6)
14. 779 votes - Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO)
13. 831 votes - Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
12. 1018 votes - Higashiyama Noriyuki (Shounentai)
11. 1077 votes - Akanishi Jin
10. 1166 votes - Ohkura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)
9. 1268 votes - Ikuta Toma
8. 1526 votes - Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
7. 1748 votes - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP)
6. 2068 votes - Nishikido Ryo (NEWS/Kanjani8)
5. 2839 votes - Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
4. 2940 votes - Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
3. 3290 votes - Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
2. 4144 votes - Okada Junichi (V6)
1. 4234 votes - Kimura Takuya (SMAP)