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Posted 2 years ago

Model and talento Youn-a (26) has graced the pages of fashion/beauty magazine ‘an an‘ with a sexy pictorial.

As you might have guessed, the theme for the magazine’s latest issue is ‘How to obtain a sexy body‘. The focus lies on ideal training tips and tricks to achieve a sleek, feminine body; Youn-a was chosen for the spread, since she is quite the perfect example.

Youn-a has been exercising regularly for the past two years. She shared, “Two months ago, I started doing a lot of dumbbell exercises and sit-ups, especially [in preparation] for this photoshoot.  I’ve gained a lot of muscles, which eventually caused me to gain weight as well, but I absolutely love my body now.

The model is also going to release a photobook called “go! ♥ go! Youn-a“, in which she recommends 505 fashion goods, from bags to accessories (including her personal items)