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AKB48’s ‘Puccho’ mouth to mouth CM criticized by viewers

The Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) has announced thatAKB48’s CM for UHA Mikakuto’s popular soft candy ‘Puccho received criticism from the viewers.


The CM started airing on March 15th, and caused quite a stir as the members of AKB48 shares the candy with one another via mouth-to-mouth. Regarding this CM, BPO received negative comments such as

The children will imitate this,

It looks like they’re playing with food,

Stop making CMs that lack quality. A mouth-to-mouth relay with food is unsanitary and unpleasant.

On BPO’s “Opinions Concerning Young People” section of their homepage, 116 cases out of 196 were opinions regarding AKB48’s ‘Puccho’ CM. A majority of these stated the viewer’s unpleasant feelings towards the mouth-to-mouth relay scene.

The CMs are currently available for viewing on the official website for ‘Puccho×AKB48‘.

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Visual Kei band Diement. Disbands

Earlier this month Visual Kei Record Label Dear Dolce made public that it will cease operation forcing the bands signed under the label to make some serious decisions regarding their further activities. Some of them disbanded and others changed to a new label but it wasn’t revealed which path Diement. and Eris would go.


Now that Diement. gave a comment on their further activities there’s no good news for their fans. At their live on April 16th the members stated that they will disband on June 5th due to musical differences. They said that this is the only right decision for everyone to carry on and look forward.
The band apologizes for any inconvenience and hopes that the fans will understand and accept this decision.

Diement. will release their last album “Wake up!!” on April 24th. It includes 11 songs and costs 3150 Yen.


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Pv preview for Arashi’s “Face Down”

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Kitano quips ‘Outrage Beyond’ could have been ‘Outrage Beyonce’

TV personality and director Takeshi Kitano has just finished his new yakuza film, “Outrage Beyond.”


The 65-year-old director was joined by several cast members this week at a press conference at the Chiba Seimei no Mori Resort where he shot the film. Kitano’s original “Outrage” was released in 2010 and went on to become his biggest domestic success to date. Appearing with Takeshi were costars Tomokazu Miura, 60, and Toshiyuki Nishida, 64.

Kitano told reporters, “While I was making the movie I, presumptuously, kept in my mind the idea that everyone who went to see the first one would come and see this one too,” TV Asahi reported.

“I didn’t like the idea of using ‘2’ in the title, so I went with ‘Beyond’ without knowing its meaning. We could have gone with ‘Beyonce’ instead,” he quipped.

Miura joked, “I’m one of the few people who survived the first movie. I killed two people on my way to the stage.”

Well-known in Japan as a comedic actor, Nishida amused reporters when he used his cutest and least gangster-style voice to say,I’m delighted to be able to star in a Kitano picture. It’s super to be the bad guy.”

“Outrage Beyond” is scheduled for release on Oct 6.


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The PV preview for AKB48’s 26th single “Manatsu no Sounds good!” 

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Be an AKB48 Member Trainee with “AKB48+Me” 3DS Game

Do you want to experience the life of an AKB48 member trainee (kenkyūsei)? Then, this latest game from Nintendo is for you!


Kadokawa games will released an all-new AKB48 game called “AKB48+Me” for Nintendo 3DS. The said game will let the player experience the life of akenkyusei by making her follow the steps toward idol stardom. The player will have to do television guestings, attend handshake events, and even performed on stage. Moreover, stages can be created and customized.

Unlike the previous “AKB48 Dating Sim” game, AKB48+Me is more of a “success story” wherein as a kenkyusei member, the player will be able to interact with AKB48 for three years.

AKB48+Me is expected to be release this fall.


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TAKAHIRO and HISASHI launches special collaborative project


It has been announced that the special collaborative project by TAKAHIRO (Vocal/EXILE ), HISASHI(Guitar/GLAY ), TOKIE (Bass/LOSALIOS,unkie ) and MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI (Drums/NO NO NO,THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS ), named ‘ACE OF SPADES‘, has started their activities.

They already opened their official website, but so far no specific details have been revealed except their unit name, members, and preview of their song from TOYOTA WISH’s TV CM starring AKIRA (EXILE).