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Adios Amigos

So i’m saying bye bye now! 

I’m gonna leave japanentertainment, like my haitus last time, this blog would still be open as an archive but unlike last time, this time the haitus is for good. I had been preety busy and I wanna try out something new like learning Aramaic and Russian languages and ASL, and I feel that it’s time to let this blog go, Had a good time being with you guys, the anons and the askers, my followers, the lurkers and the rebloggers! I think I’m going to miss all the copypastas of the news, but let us all part in good vibes and let us all continue love our fave Jartists. 

Bye mates! ~wella

PS~You could still find me here and here 

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Teaser trailer for this year’s film,One Piece Film Z. The 45-second teaser highlights “Z” (Zetto), the Straw Hat pirate crew’s “strongest enemy yet.” One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda personally designed Z.

The video also highlights the staff:

The film will open with the “annihilation of pirates” throughout Japan on December 1


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And the Johnny’s rumors keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’~ This one involves cross-dressing!


We’ve all heard rumors about Kamenashi Kazuya’s hobby in cross-dressing, but there are also other Johnny’s who share the same hobby as Kame.

It’s Kanjani8’s Yokoyama Yu. He dresses up as a woman a lot for the Kanjani8 show, Kanjani no Shiawake. And those experiences ignited something deep within him and he started experimenting. He tried to hide it at first but he met Kame at a press conference once and said right out that he wanted to try wearing a skirt. People have even said that he has dressed up as a woman in public before.” Said a production insider.

Yoko might like wearing women’s clothing, but like Kame, he isn’t doing it because he enjoys the male attention.

“He just thinks that it’s important to polish his womanly fashion sense, doing so will allow him to be more creative in creating his roles when he acts.” Said a television writer.

Rumor has it that Kame and Yoko have tried establishing a cross-dressing club together within Johnny’s. There were at least 20 Jrs. who showed interest in joining, which shocked the both of them. Additionally, between members of this club, they call it “J-Kai.”

“It’s the combination of Johnny’s J and cross-dressing’s (josou) J. The two of them even talked about doing a collaboration for the fashion show XX’s Girls Collection to walk the runway in women’s clothes.

Recently, there is also word that cross-dressing has piqued Aiba Masaki’s interest because of his co-star Matsuko Delux in Mikeneko no Holmes. Perhaps this signals the beginning of a cross-dressing trend within the entertainment industry?

Someone make a version of RuPaul’s Drag Race featuring Johnny’s?


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Web-exclusive trailer for the Blood-C: The Last Dark's film 

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KAT-TUN talks about Akanishi Jin’s marriage for the first time

On April 22nd, popular group KAT-TUN held a press conference before their concert at Tokyo Dome, and commented about former member Akanishi Jin’s marriage with Kuroki Meisa.

Tanaka Koki shared, “We also didn’t know about the marriage until media reported it. We felt like, ‘Oh, this is the another one.’“ ”He didn’t contact us, so I don’t know how should I comment about that,”Kamenashi Kazuya reflected.


According to reports, Akanishi Jin’s decision to study abroad in 2006 as well as his withdrawal from KAT-TUN in 2010 were only made known to the members after the fact. “I guess we [KAT-TUN members] are the only five people in the world who would never be surprised about that. We were surprised when he decided going abroad to study,” Kamanashi commented. “ If I didn’t say anything now, people would think I’m cold … so as a person, I would say, ‘Congratulations.’

Regarding Kuroki’s pregnancy, Kamenashi said, “It’s something to be congratulated on.” However, he also added, “Marriage means there is a partner [Kuroki], so I want him to do fine [to follow the rules].

KAT-TUN is in middle of their concert tour ‘CHAIN‘, which will take place in twelve cities. The final concert will be in Sendai on the 28th.


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Miliyah Kato Sings Coca-Cola’s Olympic Campaign Song

Miliyah Kato has been chosen to sing the song “HEART BEAT" for Coca-Cola’s new 2012 London Olympics campaign. The new song will be used specifically for the Japanese campaign, while producer Mark Ronson's “Anywhere in the World" will be used as the global campaign song.


[HEART BEAT] is a song that makes one want to dance. I think it will give energy for this year’s athletes as well,” Miliyah Kato explained.

m-flo's Taku will be producing the song. He stated that he was inspired by Coca-Cola’s campaign slogan “Move to the Beat" when creating this song. He describe the beat as energetic, positive and powerful.


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Momoiro Clover Z announces new single + summer hall tour

Momoiro Clover Z has announced that they will be releasing a new single (currently untitled) on June 27th!

Aside from the title track, the single will contain “PUSH“, which is currently being used as the CM song for Lotte’s ice cream, “Sou“. This song was performed in front of an audience for the very first time during the second night of the group’s concert, ‘Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2012 Yokohama Arena Masaka no 2DAYS‘, on April 22nd.


Additionally, it was announced that Momoiro Clover Z will be holding a nationwide hall tour this summer. It will kick off on June 17th at NHK Hall. The girls will travel to a total of 10 cities. To wrap up this tour, they will hold a concert called ‘Momoclo Summer Dive 2012‘ on August 5th at Seibu Dome.

Ticket information will be revealed at a later date.

Sunday, June 17th – NHK Hall (Tokyo)
Saturday, June 23rd – Zepp Sendai (Miyagi)
Sunday, June 24th – Link Station Hall Aomori (Aomori)
Friday, June 29th – Hiroshima ALSOK Hall (Hiroshima)
Saturday, June 30th – Yonago Convention Center (Tottori)
Saturday, July 14th – Kobe World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)
Monday, July 16th – Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall (Aichi)
Friday, July 20th – Fukuoka Sun Palace (Fukuoka)
Sunday, July 22nd – Act City Hamamatsu (Shizuoka)
Sunday, August 5th – Seibu Dome (Saitama)